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Working with DoubleClick and SupplyFrame Media Network

SupplyFrame advertising solutions were built to support several of the most popular web analytics tools available today. Many of our customers use DoubleClick tools to track SupplyFrame Media Network ads and further measure campaign success.

Below are a few commonly asked questions regarding the SupplyFrame Media Network and DoubleClick. If you have others, please give us a call. We’re happy to discuss how we can easily integrate with your analytic tools.

Does the SupplyFrame Media Network support ad serving through DoubleClick?

Absolutely! You can easily serve your IAB-standard size banner ads on the SupplyFrame Media Network through DoubleClick. We currently support: Medium Rectangle - 300 x 250 pixels

Just generate the Javascript tags in DoubleClick for serving your banners and send them over to us. We’ll do the rest from there!

Can I track clicks for the ads I run on the SupplyFrame Media Network with DoubleClick?

You sure can. Use DoubleClick to create tags that allow you to track clicks on ads that you run on the SupplyFrame Media Network. As part of the process in generating the click-tracker tag, you will include the desired destination URL for the ad. Simply send us the tag you set up for each ad/campaign you’d like to track and we’ll implement accordingly. The basic flow is this:

A visitor clicks on your ad within the SupplyFrame Network. SupplyFrame will count the click and will pass your click tracker over to DoubleClick for recording. DoubleClick records the click activity and routes the visitor to your landing page.

All tracking activity is transparent to the visitor, but you’ll be able to see which ads are getting the most clicks. Coupled with SupplyFrame Media Network reports, you’ll be well on your way to evaluating your campaigns and can make the most of your advertising spend.



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