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Decision Factors of China's Engineers - 2013 Report

What Makes China's Engineers Tick?

If you need to know, there are two ways to find out. You can survey 50,000 active engineers across China, speak face-to-face with hundreds of them, sort more than a thousand responses, then chart and interpret the results.

Or you can download our new report.

It's information every electronics marketer needs to know, and we're excited to share it with you.

Get your copy of the report now – free, no strings attached. This 26-page report contains results from our exclusive research that will help you get results in China.
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The 2012 edition of Decision Factors for China’s Engineers was a landmark in understanding the design process of engineers in China’s booming electronics industry. The new report solidifies last year’s findings while adding intriguing new details.

Over a thousand engineers participated in the survey answering questions including:

  • How do you choose components?
  • How do you choose suppliers?
  • How often do you buy components online?
  • How can suppliers help you make design decisions?

Their answers provide actionable insights for electronics marketers looking to align their company’s marketing strategy with the needs and preferences of engineers in China.


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